...taky-ony-daky weekend

hiking up Skirådalen in Dovrefjell-Sundalsfjella national park
to reach this minicabin Storvassbua
This is midnight view of Storvatnet from one of cabin's window...
Nearby Langtjønna is trout-fishing paradise. I got 32 nice trout there, kept only a few for dinner
On the way back, a local old man explained how he makes oil and some other products from pine trees, using his own procedure and laboratory (the contruction in the background).
Just short look at Linndalsfallet and lets go back to the city.


A short story from a short trip to London.
Obvious destination
to check some art and enjoy the space.
The Regent's canal - a great "place" to escape from the busy streets. More info here.
Actons Lock - an action brings an interaction. Urban space in its best. Good to check nearby Broadway market!
However, old style sights are nice as well...
All Points East Festival in Victoria park. Amazing line-up, weather, atmosphere and performances. The moment when Nick Cave brought Kylie Minogue on the stage was "wow" (see here)
Nature History Museum provided another ingredient into the mix.

Start of another summer season

Weather has been amazing recently and trout very active in lakes in Bymarka. I got lucky and broke all my trout records. But primarily, another salmon season starts tomorrow and my aim is obvious - to catch finally at least one nice salmon...

California road trip

The time has come to taste US,
buy Kerouack's novel "On the road"
and fly from Norway into Golden State of California.
The first day, discovering western parts of Frisco on the bikes. Surprisingly nice experience, and tolerant drivers. It was fun way to get familiar with some specific US traffic rules.
After 30km bike ride, some great food was needed, so this monster roasted crab with garlic noodles was eaten in Thanh Long restaurant on Judah Street (http://thanhlongsf.com/).

After two days in Frisco, it was time to pick up rented van and hit the road. The plan was to go around Sierra Nevada, visiting national parks along the way, hike and fish and come back to Frisco after 14 days.
The first day, on the way north-east to lake Tahoe, it was snowing and the area around the lake looked still like in the winter, so lets continue driving on the eastern side of Sierra, heading south. Next day - Mono Lake and ghost town Bodie
and fishing at Convict lake.
Luckily, the weather was becoming better and better.
Driving south along Road 395, following the fishing tips map, which lead to several amazing places in the mountains. Classical scenario - turn right from Rd 395, follow some creek along narrow, steep and windy road into the end, camp there and hike up till there was too much snow, discover some beautiful lakes and get a trout. Bishop creek, Long Pine creek, Onion valley, Inyo National forest, Whitney Mountain and some more...great places and as it was early in the season, almost nobody was there.
Sierra Nevada from Rd 395.
One of the hikes up there.
Mirror Lake, fantastic place with huge numbers of golden trout.
Week in estern Sierras was amazing, let's see what the western part could bring...
Taking half-day detour to taste Dead Valley
and drove through Bakersfield, which is a fascinating world of vast areas of oil mining fields, orange trees
and farming.

Finally arrived in Sequoia National Park, in Buckeye Flat Campground, right next to beautiful Middle Fork Kaweah River. The trees in the park are BIG, it is not possible to capture that on a photo. You expect big trees, but in reality, they are even more gigantic and impressive. Best thing - 99% of tourists stay within 500m from car-park, but there are 40 km of paths to discover the forest without people, meeting just one big bear in beautiful meadow.
Fishing was amazing everywhere, in creeks, rivers, lakes or dams. There are several types of trout - rainbow, brown, golden etc. Keeping only 3 trout for the dinner during the whole trip, the rest was released.
Lovely hike in Sequoia NP, following Middle Fork Kaweah River to Panther creek. Met a rattle snake on the path.
After 3 days between Sequoias,  Kings Canyon National Park was the next destination. Just one day hike to Misty Falls here and continue to Yosemite.

Short stop at Shaver Lake to relax and watch local fishermen fishing almost from their cars.
Arriving to Yosemite was little bit exhausting, as it was packed with people. Again, once you escape from the most easily accessible places, crowds disappear. This is the picture of the Valley from the hiking path along Four Mile track.
As all the camps within the Valley were full, Diamond camp next to Middle Tuolumne River close to Hetch Hetchy Reservoir (including lovely Tueeulala Falls and Wapama Falls) was the nearest option. Except waterfalls, there is also a short but super steep hike to Poopenaut Valley where Tuolumne River flows and it was great and wild there.
It was one-hour drive to Yosemite valley from the camp...but it was worthy. This is Half Dome from the path to Glacier Point.

And other view from Panoramatic Trail, with Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls.
Going back to civilization... following Merced River along Rd140 to Briceburg, stopping at obvious fishing pools and getting many big trout. It was a fantastic day, which ended in Railroad Flat Campground, one of the best .

"The must" place to eat in California...
First place visited back in San Francisco was laundromat,
and second was a bar with live NBA play-off game on.
After two more days discovering eastern parts of Frisco, it was time to leave US, with feelings of desire to come back again.

Last winter trip

Last winter trip? I hope so. Mara came for a short trip, so we visited Jotunheimen again.
on the way to Gjende, we stopped at Furusjøen in Rondane National park
it should be good røya lake, so we drilled some holes
and we indeed got a few bites
but no fish...time to leave
however, skiing was perfect there
in the evening we headed to that lovely old (ca 1920) cabin Vargebua in Leirung valley
Road 51 was closed on Friday, even it was without snow. So we had to "ski" 6km with some heavy bags to the cabin. This photo is from Saturday - the road has already been open (and conditions were worse!)
that is my Saturday's biggest activity...due to strong wind and old body I stayed inside the whole day. Luckyly, Mara brought very sweet wine
I was taking pictures of Mara (from the window), skiing around the cabin.
And that is our Sunday's master plan - to ski this route: cabin - Gjende - Memurubu - Memurubudalen - Hinnotetjønne - Storådalen - Gjendebu - cabin. In total around 55 km, no tracks. I was little unsure about that, but Mara had his birthday and it was supposed to be my last winter trip...
so we started in the morning
and it was not too bad in the beginning, just no visibility, but good tempo
That was the best view we got and some sun as well (this sun made us very brown). After 10 km we met a local man. I explained him our plan and he asked, if we had a tent...Jesus, why a tent? We have the whole day ahead. Well, after couple of hours later, we reached km 15. Very tired, thirsty. The temperature rised and the deep snow changed into some kind of soap. Very difficult to move...we did some calculations and found out, that we are moving by super speed of 1km per 40 minutes = we need a tent!
so we turned back - Old Wise Trout!
and skiing became almost impossible.
We made it back to the cabin at 18:00, after 8 hours and 32 km, completly devastated...LAST WINTER TRIP! Worst skiing ever, but great day.