Back in Trøndelag

Driving to my favourite part of river Orkla (Svinsjøen) to fish for salmon takes time (it is ca 450km from Oslo = 8-10 hours of driving). But I could not resist, especially when Emilio sent me a picture of a nice salmon, he got there last weekend. And because Max and Alise from Trondheim agreed to join us there as well, we decided to go.
Emilio and his 3,6kg beauty

We rented this simple tømmerkoia right next to Orkla, where we spent 2 nights.

It was really hot (30 degrees) and water level was low. We decided to fish in Saghølen. Just before we were ready to go to meet Max and Alise to grill some chicken, I got salmon. 
It was not big (55 cm, 1.6kg), but ideal for the grill, so we decided to keep it.
Wild atlantic salmon is beautifull fish, that smells after fruits. Huge difference from "artificial" salmon.
It provided us with one of the best dinners in great company.

Next day we found an amazing hike nearby, leading to Glimshøgda peak. It is brilliant idea to combine salmon fishing with some other activity, as it is much more fun (salmon fishing can be very tiring).
The peak offers amazing 360-view and you can see all the way to Trollheimen.
On the way back to Oslo we took E6 road (up north we drove through Tynset) and stopped for a short trip to Snøhetta viewpoint. I am really looking forward to going back soon. 


Long weekend = long round trip to check a few rivers north-east from Oslo. On Saturday, we found this nice kemping spot on the bank of Julussa river. 
It is good river for a canoe. The water level was not very high, but still OK. Lot of trout activity and a few smaller once were taken out and put back. 

80 km further north is Mistra river, that is well-known for its large trout (around 5kg) that migrate up-stream from lake Storsjøen. 
we explored its upper parts that run through Mistadalen 
there are a few nice camping spots along the river
big thanks Kolouch and Mrnda for this nice addition to our camping gear!
it was hot and  river was cold, not easy to fish, but very beautifull setting 
picture from Elvbrua bridge, when crossing Femundselva on the way back to Oslo
A watterfall Røafallene on small river Røa

And the last one visited was Trysilselva...

Water everywhere

Salmon season is behind the door, hurraaa. Meanwhile, we are exploring the areas around Oslo.

Home-office (from 13/3). Background picture is from Sylan 2018, amazing place. Fishing guidebook for Oslo in the front - it became my very usefull guide. There are several hundereds of lakes within 50km range from our place and to find good ones takes some effort and planning.
But not only lakes are around. This bridge is in Færde - one of the costal national parks south from Oslo.  
one more from Færde. It is not a large park, but for a one-day trip it is a great destination.
One of the easily accessible lakes near Oslo - Nøklevannet in Østmarka. 
this one - Steinsjøen - requires little bit of walking/cycling
A river for a change - Ådalselva
Another lovely lake in Østmarka - Mosjøen
this one is called Tonevannet
10 km cycling to reach this beauty - Rottungen in Nordmarka
little bit further away, near Drammen, is this crystal clear Skapertjern

Here I got my first Ostmarka trout - Midtre Kytetjernet
and this is his northern brother - Nordre Kytetjernet
another river - big Drammenselva
sometimes it requires some effort to reach a lake
and sometimes the lake you reach is still half frozen - here Rundtjern in May

and sometimes I get a fish! That pike down-right was over 1m long ...
and sometimes I go to the city!

but there is water as well...

Small trips

The mobility limitations related to current Covid situation make us to do just one-day trips (it has not been allowed to stay overnight outside the district where one lives). But we cannot complain, the limitations/measures in Norway are not so strict as in Czech Rep. and the life is almost "normal" here. After a few weeks of using car-sharing services, we decided to buy our own vehicle, which makes the exploration activities much more easier. Here are some pics from the last weeks.

Sworm of brkoslav severni, aka bohemian waxwing, in the bushes
Akerselva, a small river going from Maridalsvannet to Oslo fjord. Trout, perch, pike in upper parts, salmon and seatrout near the fjord.
Walking along Sognvann, the nearest lake from our place.
Ytre Hvaler National Park. One of the archipelago parks along the coast. Good for seatrout
Homlungen lighthouse
Big Sandybeach on Kirkeøy
And back to Oslo...
While the lakes (this one is Trehørningen) in the forest are still frozen and good for icefishing
Oslo fjord has a spring feeling
A beach near Asker
Another idylic lake (Askeren) has some perch and trout

View from South Kolsås
and my favourite lake so far - Kalvsjøen
with some nice perch and trout under the ice
on the way to Kalvsjøen