Winter weekend

Most January snow in Trondheim since 1963, just amazing...
Saturday skiing to Holstdammen was challenging. But the lake was finally frozen and I got 3 big trout there.
Sunday ice-fishing trip started with a tram
to meet Emilio in city centre
and drive north, direction Åsen
to Lynvatnet with its røya. We got many bites and small fish, the only big one escaped
so just a few nice pics were taken back.
Stay tuned for more...


Spring weather in the beginning of 2019, so we did a nice fjord fishing session near Orkanger. Max got couple of small sharks there.

A jump to...
Brno with its massive traffic reconstructions.
And of course trains...
almost a Norwegian view from a train to Prague.

Checking the renovated National Museum
and jumping back to Bymarka
to catch my biggest trout ever (1.7 kg, 55cm) in Blomstertjønna
and jump to Baklidammen to test my reaction in cold water.

Winter in Rondane

We decided to enjoy Xmass holiday in Norway in this lovely cabin Kringsætra on the borders of Rondane national park.
After 4 hours drive, we found real winter. In the next 8 days, the weather varied a lot, from silent sunny days to snowstormy conditions.
Moon-view from the kitchen window in 9:00 in the morning, direction Svartkampen,
and sunrise view a little bit later from the living room window.
And we went also outside the cabin...
to enjoy ski tracks starting 200m from the cabin,
leading to Furusjøen lake.
I spent many hours starring at this hole in middle of Heimtjønn lake. I got 6 arctic char, mostly very good quality (500g), all of them around 14:30.
And after 8 days in the nature, it was time to move back into civilisation and new year 2019, hopefully full of beauty...

On the ice again

Finally, ice-fishing season is back! However, to reach good frozen lakes, some travelling is still needed.
Emilio had great idea to visit Store Gardsjøen near Kvikne. It is located on a windy plateau and it took us an hour to reach it from the cabin (+40 min to reach a cabin + 2 hour drive from Trondheim). It was a bit demanding hike, as it was not possible to use the skies.
As the days are very short (sunset at 14:45), we fished just for 2 hours. The ice was perfect, 25cm steel quality. "Walking" back to the cabin in the dark was fun.
But it was all worthy and we got 3 arctic char. Good start of the season.
Next day, we planned to spend maximum time on the lake. Unfortunatelly, the weather was so bad, that it was not possible to reach it. So we drove to Skarvatnet near Oppdal instead. Not good driving conditions with some wind and snowing, plus we were not sure about the quality of ice. Luckily, ice has been OK (15cm).
We drilled many holes, but got nothing there. But it was great. Cannot wait for longer days.


PhD award was a great ceremony. Very nice ending of my PhD studies.
While waiting near the airport, I tried  to fish in the fjord. No fish, but nice view.
Foggy day on the way back from Aure. Rovatnet lake.
Next day, the sun...
and some fog of course.
Time to go back to Brno
into the forest.
It was great idea to climb this classical route Rorejsi. Mr. Louka was leading, I was hanging.
Up on the wall, frozen....
Meanwhile in Brno
people wear cats.
Time to go back to the north.