A test of my new fishing gear was successful. Lake Ånøya (location here).

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short trip to the Czech Republic
via Amsterdam airport
to visit friends and family
and back to Prague
to see one of the best concerts ever...PJ Harvey (odkaz zde)
and to take a few pics in metro


trout fishing season on upper part of Nidelva river (location here) will start again in November. Meanwhile, I used the afternoon to explore it with our Palava boat
and it was amazing
the water seems calm, but the way back up-stream was not very easy

20 minutes from my office

Bymarka - the beauty just behind our door

Lake Kvistingen (location here). Finally got a trout in Bymarka
on the way home, Trondheim down there
view to the south, over Skjellbreia lake
Vintervatnet (location here)

Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella national park

to reach Holden Fjellgård, we had to cross Grøningen lake (location here)
quit strong headwind made it a challenging task. We needed 3 hours of paddling to skiff 7 km (on the way back we needed just half of that time)
the last part of Grøningen lake (location here)
we left the boat at the end of the lake and hiked further couple of km, finding some monster mushrooms on our way
along Skjeldbreien lake (location here)
to reach Holden Fjellgård, the old farm that is a tourist cabin nowdays (location here)
next day in the morning I walked to Krenvelva
and try to fish some graylings (location here)
I got 3 of them for the dinner. Very beautifull fish in amazing location
autumn is starting....
and cloudberries are gone....
On the way back to Trondheim, we took a look at this famous rock carving of raindeer at Bøla (location here)
there should also be a carving of a bear  (I am not able to find it...)