Nidelva is the river that winds through Trondheim. The feeling of the river being all around you might cause some geographical confusion, especially during first days of your stay in the city. Elva is Norwgian word for 'the river', so the name Nidelva translates to "The River Nid". It is possible to catch salmon just in the middle of the city. 

Our spanish collegue Adria came with an idea to rent some kayaks and experience the city from different perspective. So we did. Being quit lucky with the weather, we enjoyed a couple of hours of paddling from Lerkendal to Skansen.  

Rail and pedestrian/cycle bridge in Lerkendal - my cycle route to work goes on that bridge
bridge to St. Olav hospital
wooden cycle/pedestrian bridge to Ila
Elgeseter bridge
under Old Town bridge

rail bridge in Skansen

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