Northern water

Surfing back in time, into the summer, with photos from Stepanka Papuchalkova. The topic - water and fishing.

those lakes in Øvre Pasvik national park are full of pike, graylink and bass. We did not know that bass are good to eat (they are supposed to be delicious) so we were putting them back
weather was absolutly amazing all the time there...except a small storm, that confused us so much, that we made circles on the lake, arriving into the same spot after 30 minutes of paddling into different spot:)

this was amazing lunch spot

with fish jumping directly on the grill

a huge pike lives here. Stepanka almost got it. Around 1 meter long. Superkoma jumping into the lake to get it. It escapes.
Bass each cast. Almost boring. Superkoma performing a superaction
that was really wild nature lovers' dream
more on the north, we got some char in the stream from Syltevikvatnet
amazing fishing destination

Syltevikvatnet - big char live  here and we got two of them. They were like submarines cruising in shallow water.
Senja, dream island

yes, this is Norway
we did some sea/salmon/trout fishing here, lot of fish everywhere
me trying luck in Norddalsvatnet

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