Salmon fishing game

Salmon fishing is very challenging activity. It requires patience, right timing and a lot of luck, as there are so many variables involved. This season I have decided to focus on one river only - Orkla, and one particular section only - Svinsøyen (more info here). The strategy was clear - to get to know the section well instead of just driving around Norway and hope to get a salmon in some river. The bonus is that Orkla is beautiful river surrounded by nice nature and it is only 50 km far from our house. This weekend, I have been there for the second time this year, accompanied by Emilio.
Welcome to the playground
There are several of these shelters (called "gapahuk") along the section
The signs of salmon everywhere, you can see them jumping in the river... but to get them seems hopeless. However, this time it was different...
 on Saturday, Emilio hooked one nice salmon (around 5kg), using worms. Unforunatelly, after several minutes his line broke...but finally I saw hooked salmon!

On the way back to car, we observed Karlheinz from Germany, landing nice salmon. It was amazing to observe his technique.  

On Sunday, we woke up at 5:00 and drove back to the part of the section, where we saw Karlheinz last evening. This part is called Rorommet. Karlheinz was already there and he explained us some basic salmon rules (where to start fishing etc), which was very heplfull. 
and at 7:30, I landed this beautifull male salmon (89 cm and 7kg). It was fantastic experience and I must thank Karlheinz and Emilio for their assistance. It is amazing, how strong that fish can be. I must also thank Fery for his support and Ray, Albert, Max and Belma as well!
and just 15 minutes before our licence ended, Emilio got one as well... not so big, but nice one as well. 

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