Variability is the key to enjoy an activy in its comlexity. For example, to really enjoy climbing, it is good to combine bouldering, sandstone traditional routes, multipitch routes in mountains, strange historical routes in Suchy and Pusty, sport routes in Holstejn... Of course, specialisation to just one discipline is also a possible approach, but I leave that to professionals. Fishing is variable as well and  I like its different styles (however, still not dare to try fly fishing). In order to improve, it is necessary to fish a lot in different places and to learn from others. This weekend was very educational and entertaining. I combined salmon, sea and fresh water fishing and it was great.

End of salmon season. Finally:)
I ended the season on Orkla river, together with Emilio.

Orkla in the morning. I am already looking to coming back next year.
We saw many salmon jumping, but did not hook any. We met a guy from Oslo, who explained us some tricks (he got 6 fish there), so we are ready for next year.
Instead of salmon, we got many boletes.
Lets move to fjords in Aure region.
Calm day in the air, but the water was boiling.
Together with Albert, we went after makrels, lyr, sea trout...great day, several locations, many fish on the hooks.
And on Sunday afternoon, I drove to Selbusjøen to put Palava on the water. Big trout escaped...
Fjord or lake?

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