Long weekend = long round trip to check a few rivers north-east from Oslo. On Saturday, we found this nice kemping spot on the bank of Julussa river. 
It is good river for a canoe. The water level was not very high, but still OK. Lot of trout activity and a few smaller once were taken out and put back. 

80 km further north is Mistra river, that is well-known for its large trout (around 5kg) that migrate up-stream from lake Storsjøen. 
we explored its upper parts that run through Mistadalen 
there are a few nice camping spots along the river
big thanks Kolouch and Mrnda for this nice addition to our camping gear!
it was hot and  river was cold, not easy to fish, but very beautifull setting 
picture from Elvbrua bridge, when crossing Femundselva on the way back to Oslo
A watterfall Røafallene on small river Røa

And the last one visited was Trysilselva...

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