Culture mix

Such mixture of different cultures we can experience here at NTNU is amazing. One is always suprised with something. For example in Malaysia, when you get married, your firends should put your picture into the local newspaper (the bigger the better, the more the better), to show the respect etc. Without that you are not recognised as married by your family and friends ...even if you are officially married. 

As Albert and Eileen, our Malaysian friends, are married without this photo matter, we put their picture into local Norwegian newspaper. Under supervision and leadership of mighty Chang north China style dinner was organised and Albert with Eileen were suprised. Amazing evening!

local newspaper Adressa (23.5.2016). Picture of Albert and Eileen has been taken couple of weeks ago during our trip to Stokkøya. Eileen is sitting by her first outdoor fire, grilling italian mouse alias kukurice.
Is it real? Did you use photoshop???
under leadership of commandant Chang we prepared huge amount of chinese dumplings
I was not able to cycle uphill home after all that food...

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