Intensive short holiday in Catalonia, visiting Barcelona and Palafrugell region...
enjoying the sun and sandy beaches
hunting for food in La Boqueria
and eating, a lot...
observing locals
and life
is that Gaudi too?

dice of champagne bottles on the roof
and more colours on the terrace
one of the rivers of Girona
Girona's bridge from mister Eiffel
in Cadaques
Adria explaining wave's theory on a remote beach
relaxed morning on the terrace of Adria's place in Llafranc
remote beach at Cala del Crit
"Laying bishop" - a famous mountain range in the area

kayaking from S'Encalladora (stop at Platja Fonda)
local man Adria on his terrace
and Belma on another terrace
view from Far de Sant Sebastiå
and back home...

to find our first northern tomato


Tereza Králová said...

Vy šunéčky, pěkně jste si to tam užili! Jak to tak vidím, klidně bych jela s váma :)

Pok said...


Anonymous said...

moc fajné, těším se na vás Šárka