Fishing weekend

I am starting to like fishing in the rivers. I made a quick trip to Selbu area, trying to catch a trout in Nea river. Nea is considered to be very good trout river. The picture is not Nea, but nearby Garbergselva, also nice one.
And I was lucky to get this 0.6 kg trout in Nea (location here). Good fight, the trout was jumping high from the stream.
On Sunday, me and Albert drove to Aure, to pick out Palava boat brought from Brno by Czech fishermen (thanks a lot, Fery!). We took longer, but more scenic route through Snillfjord.

I promised Albert good macrel spot, so he was excited (location here)
uf, we did not expect 30 macrels in couple of hours...the biggest one had more than 1 kg.
there was no time to look aroud....
on the way back
a scenik look on the way back (location here)
back in the city

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