Flatanger #4

Before picking up my friend Berny at the airport, I made a trial "expedition" with our new Palava canoe. Nearby Jonsvatnet lake is really beautifull place (location here). It is where the drinking water for Trondheim is coming from.
view from Flatanger cave (location here) is good as usual. Autumn is coming.
catching a dinner is not difficult here (location here)
Berny is cruising in long beautiful route called Gulrot Tywen (grade 6b+)
we tried Palava canoe also in the fjord (location here), to fish in some deep water. It was cool ! Our main wish was not to catch a big fish, otherwise we would be in some trouble.

Luckily, we got only this 2 kg cod fish. Anyway, afternoon climbing was little bit demanding after that fjord expedition.
meanwhile, in the house...
The sea was really calm on Monday morning...

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honza said...

parada! to je prima, ze se jak leze tak chyta. a ocividne obe za sucha! ;)