Peru I - Choquequirao

 A "recovery" holiday after our return from a month trip to southern Peru would be amazing... It was a month full of hiking, high mountains, amazing people, transportation, food, cold and hot temperatures, ancient ruins, fun... We travelled in a group of 8 people (not knowing each other before), being guided by Richard (check out his webpage), who is truly amazing. His passion for the country and its people, the ability to make good decisions, style of "leadership" and knowledge of hidden secrets made this trip the amazing experience.

The whole "Peru report" is divided into several parts. The first one describes 4-days trek to the ruins of Choquequirao and further to Yanama village.
we started in Cachora village (2900m), where we slept in great Casa Nostra hostel (web)
we were accompanied by 6 horses, who carried our food and tents. That was great, as whole hike is quite challenging, particularly because of its steepness and tropical environment
deep canyon of Apurimac river (young Amazon river), that we crossed the first day
we reached Choquequirao (3100m) on the second day. Amazing place in majestic nature, almost no tourists around, just a few condors in the sky and us.
Third day we hiked 300m up and then down into Rio Blanco canyon (1900m)
and then continued up again...
to reach simple and lovely campsite Maizal (3100m)
next day we passed gold mines Victoria, reached the beautiful pass of Abra San Juan (4130m) and descended to Yanama village (3600m)
Richard is looking for some chocholate on the top of San Juan
next day we used mighty Toyota, crossed 4660m pass Abra Mariano Llamoja and continued down to the Aluqmabamba (1600m), from where we hiked further to Santa Teresa village
"the road" was steep and sometimes not very stable, but our driver was cool
and managed to go smoothly on those smooth tyres...

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Nice pictures! Looking forward to see the next part :-)