Peru III - Colours

Peru is full of colours and before the highlight of our journey, which was Ausangate trek, we  experienced many other smaller colourfull "highlights"...
some kind of comunity meeting in Cincero village near Cusco... agent Belma has all under controll
same village, different costumes
market in Cincero. We loved markets:)
how they make colours?
they use nature, e.g. insects parasiting on cactuses for red
Side-market in Cusco
in every conditions
amazingt taste!
and fantastic juice
raw trout and avocado, uaaaaa

so many different potatoes!
alcoholic drink from corn
made ladies friendly
she needs a drink!
we bought something here without any idea what it is
acclimatization trip
and another
service station for UFO
old Cusco
salt mines
our best guide
sharing drink with local farmers
the trip in the countryside is beautifull too
Belma and quinoa

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