Bittersweet Orkla

We have been planning this trip to Orkla a long time and due to corona situation, we had to change the date several times. Finally, my fishing guru Fery and his grandson Honza entered Norway, only 10 hours before the Czech republic became red health risk zone (so no need to have 10 days quarantine). I brewed a special beer edition for the occasion.

We stayed 7 days in this lovely cabin in amazing Svinsøyen lakse camp. It has great atmosphere, reminding me of a climbing camp... We had 3km of Orkla river available for fishing, being accompanied only by a few friendly fishermen.

The first and the biggest salmon we encountered was hanging on a wall in our cabin.

We fished mostly in Rorommet and Saghølen, using spinners and lures.

Since there was nobody occupying Svinsøyhølen (which is usually part of an exclusive salmonpackage), we spent some time there as well.

First day of fishing was just amazing. There was lot of activity, many salmon jumping all around. I started in Saghølen, using my favorite spinner from FC Spinner. Suddenly, I hooked a salmon in the middle of the current. The fish seemed big. That was a moment I had been dreaming about the whole year. Salmon went straight to the bottom and after a while freed itself from my hook. I only saw a huge silver shadow. It was the moment of desperation and hope as well. Will I get another chance? After an hour, another one on the hook. Smaller size. Again, the fish went down to the bottom, then jumped, show me its beauty and escaped. Well, I have never hooked two salmon in a season, so it was obvious, that there is no chance to get another one that day (or the trip)... I moved to Rorommet and we had a nice dinner there. Fery went to sleep in the gapahuk and I tried to cast. And got another salmon! Finally, I was able to land it, Honza helped me with the net and we got beautiful male fish for the dinner (70cm, 3kg).

Wild atlantic salmon is the best...

Such a day needed some decent celebration.

Salmon fishing is very demanding, so one needs a lot of breaks - it is a great idea to go and pick up some mushrooms

and host a lovely couple from Brno:)

After short trip to Aure, where we got a few mackrels and a cod, the final day of salmon fishing on Orkla has come. I went to Saghølen, my most favorite section. After 10 minutes, I walked back to the camp with another salmon (60 cm, 1.6kg). Getting (and keeping) salmon so early means that I was not allowed to fish anymore that day. 

So I spent the whole day preparing the salmon soup, grilling, picking mushrooms and drinking beer. And hoping, that the next year Fery will be in better shape and will have a chance to fish more.

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