After a week of salmon fishing, I picked up Belma in Oppdal and we headed into the mountains. We planned to explore Innerdalen again  and enjoy some nice weather. 

We hiked 28km in 2 days, connecting Renndalen with Innerdalen. This route is marked as an extra difficult hike.  
It starts with a steep section (from 250m to 1100m) along some nice waterfalls, from Renndølsetra to Renndalen.
We had a little foggy Renndalen just for ourselves.
The valley ends with a steep section leading to Langvatnet. First snow encountered here.
Crossing the water above the waterfall from Langvatnet. 
Belma chose to walk in the lake instead...
 The waterfall from Langvatnet into Renndalen.
Langvatnet was foggy, with lot of flies and some ice in the lake! No fishing...
The original plan was to camp next to the lake ... well, it was not possible
So we continued, ... escaped from the fog and found a great place to put a tent,
with some amazing views all around.
Our camp in the evening
and in the morning. No fog!
But more snow:)
Around lunchtime, we reached the entry gate into Innerdalen, with amazing landscape everywhere around and no people at all. 
The Innerdalen valley looks nice and easy, but it was a long walk down to the car...
I especially enjoyed the endless muddy section through Lusmyra.
Beside the mud, it offers great views as well
but it takes a lot of energy from an old man to walk in the mud.

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