Fishing in Trondheimsfjord is easy, especially when you know Albert, my collegue from Malaysia. He applied special malaysian fishing technique into norwegian water and reduced number of fish significantly. Fishing from the shore is not so efficient as from the boat, but still we already got couple of 3 kg cods and polocks. Using shrimps and gummy fish seems to work well.

Important fishing video here.

Trodheim's cigarets (63.444798, 10.421776) on the way to Korsvika

Industrial something near Korsvika (63.447512, 10.423019)

lot of rainbow
5 kg of smaller polocks for grill
Ray, Belma and Albert fishing near shipwreck

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Mrnda said...

je to ulet...ale ty fotky jsou svym zpusobem paradni:) go ahead!