There are some really good weather conditions in October here in Trondheim.  The air is clear and fresh as the light.

Sunday morning.  New cycle path along the fjord in Skansen (63.431908, 10.379219)
It is really nice path, with views on Munkholmen (63.451018, 10.383441)
still on cycle path

Albert is fishing in Storsand (63.436029, 10.709613). We got no fish there...
but it was magical there...the combination of cloud/fog and sea
on the way to work, in Byåsen
view from window near my office
Cycle bridge in Solsiden (63.435247, 10.406325)


Anonymous said...

U toho mostu by se dalo chytat. L

Pok said...

na reku Nidelvu jsou docela drahe jednodenni povolenky. Navic tohle misto myslim neni povolene

mara said...

Albert nechytil žádnou rybu?! A nasolil alespon nějaké kraby? :)