We have just celebrated our first year in Trondheim and we like it here...

some kind of art near the fjord - 63.438393, 10.399692 (this photo will probably appear on cover of local transport conference's proceedings)

Trondheim is cycling city, but not everything is ideal (new cycle path on Elgeseter bru, 63.423499, 10.394187)

Ilen kirke (63.429879, 10.376408)
I usually do not like to take photos of sky, but sky is sometimes magical here
view from my office in Gløshaugen (63.414821, 10.406744)
my clever wife works in brain centre (63.420663, 10.392541)
Klæbuveien in October (63.420024, 10.398053)
some student work on street

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