Day 7 - Searching for Fuji

It was a little bit  surreal day... we went to Hakone national park, hoping for some hiking and view at Mt. Fuji. Mountain train from Odawara to Gora was nice start of the day
but due to the foggy weather, this was the only picture of Fuji we got
and Owakudani vulcanic valley was closed for too much vulcanic activity...our hiking plan to reach Mt. Komagatake was not possible
so after 3 hours of walking we somehow reached lake Ashino-ko. Pirate cruise ships did not atract us
instead, we walked along the lake, using this most unwalkable path ever designed, hoping for some happy ending
and finally, we reached Hakone temple and there was a ceremony ....
the locals seem to be more connected to God
than me

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