Fishing with Adam

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and now the story of the weekend...  The offer to spend a weekend in Flatanger with Adam Ondra is hard to refuse. I have not been climbing almost a year, nevertheless there still is some rock in my soul. Here is the story:
as the bridge on the way to Flatanger is closed during the night, we slept somewhere in the forest. Adam brought 60 kg of baggage (a lot of historic fishing equipment from Fery) , so he was tired...
view from the cave was as usuall...perfect
and rock was huge as usuall too- try to find a climber
Adam immediately went under one of his projects...very strange looking roof corner (left diagonal above Adam, crossing The Change), just 15m of climbing, but it is combination of 8b, 8B+ and 8B+ = one of the hardest ones in the world. On the first look it is strange, on second absolutly unique and cool.
It was a lot of fun just to belay. And he also forced me to climb some routes...thanks!
Evening and my part of the show - to get dinner. Done.
On Sunday, Adam felt weak (hopefully not after that cod liver we had). So after couple of tries in the project, we escaped from the cave and headed into Aurora Borealis wall.
It is an amazing wall, with some potential for easy routes too
Adam is preparing for OS of Crack the Back (8c). Cool fight, done in couple of minutes. Personal opinion - 8b+
maybe he is not so weak today...lets go into Froskekongen (8b). Big jump at the start and another OS. Personal opinion - 8b+
view I had most of the time
to finish that weak day, Adam redpointed his old 8c project (Open Your Eyes) - freak slab next to the farm, to the right of the beautiful fingercrack...and went to do campus...I opened the bottle of wine
and tried some midnight fishing
on my way back home, I tried to hike and catch some trout in Litleheggsjøen. After long hike I found shallow lake and no fish. But nice landscape


Anonymous said...

Doufám, že začneš zase lézt. L

Anonymous said...

Doufám, že nezačneš zase lézt. P

Anonymous said...

Ty začínáš být jak Forrest Gump. Sarka