Together with Ray and Adrian, we spent nice, but short weekend in Imarbu cabin. It is run by DNT (more info here). Nicely located on Aure island, it makes excellent base for fishing or hiking trips. Easy access, perfect view on Litløra (637 m) and Storøra (900 m) mountains  together with possibility to use couple of old "goatboats" makes this place really great.
house for goat boats
we picked Kjeet
our spanish captain Adrian is observing Imarsundet straits
we spent almost 4 hours on this and got nice dinner
next day we moved to Aukan
and tried another spot (Litløra and Storøra in the back)
young man and the sea

Ray got some interesting fish...this one is called horngjel

and another one


Spontanous weekend trip to Dovrefjell national park - what a great idea! International hiking team (Spain, Latvia, Czech rep.) had two main goals: to reach the top of Snøhetta (2286 m) and see muskox. Both were accomplished. Conditions were the best possible ones - no wind, clear sky, temperature around 0-5 degrees. In total 55 km in two days (Kongsvold - Reinheim - Snøhetta - Snøheim - Kongsvold). I must go there back in winter to cross country ski. 

Before start, just one picture from friday afternoon, when I went fishing with Albert to Byneset. We got no fish, but we observed porpoises (small whales that look like a dolphin - see here).
Byneset kirke near Trondheim, friday afternoon  (63.355771, 10.115422)
Snøhetta from Stroplsjødalen
Kaldvella river
on the way to Reinheim cabin
and muskoxs! Adrenaline experience to pass them. Luckily they were resting and just stared at us
Stroplsjøen lake. No wind.
Stroplsjøen lake.Why did I not bring fishing gear with me?
Reinheim cabin on Sunday morning
Start of sunday's hike
Sunday morning
on the way to top of Snøhetta
on the top
Endless sea of stones
Great section from Snøheim cabim to Stroplsjødalen, going through old military area
On the way back. Snøhetta on the right


There are some really good weather conditions in October here in Trondheim.  The air is clear and fresh as the light.

Sunday morning.  New cycle path along the fjord in Skansen (63.431908, 10.379219)
It is really nice path, with views on Munkholmen (63.451018, 10.383441)
still on cycle path

Albert is fishing in Storsand (63.436029, 10.709613). We got no fish there...
but it was magical there...the combination of cloud/fog and sea
on the way to work, in Byåsen
view from window near my office
Cycle bridge in Solsiden (63.435247, 10.406325)

Aurora borealis

It was chilly and sunny yesterday, with good light, so I took a couple of pictures of NTNU buildings. In the night, aurora borealis was strong in the sky above Trondheim. Taking pictures with phone cannot capture such beauty, so I stole a couple of them from my friends just to demonstrate what was going on here.
Main building of our university NTNU (63.419290, 10.402138)
Corner of the Realfagbygget (63.415327, 10.407595)
over our street (taken by phone)
little bit later with corner of our new house (taken by phone)
from local newspaper Adresse
City centre (by Albert Lau)

Back to summer - Flatanger

Our friends travelled long long way to visit us. They found granite paradise.

Mara on the top of the best Bymarka boulder, Jonas Dirrettissimma. Midnight wine& beer climbing.
The cave up there is the current nr. 1 climbing hardcore destination on the planet
with nice view

Sometimes it is even hard to notice a climber...Enjoy the climbing in endless sea of super nice granit.

dinner like this almost every day