Forollhogna national park

Another national park into the collection. Just a few pics from short summer trip to Forrolsjøen.
Budalen - beautifull valley of river Bua
lower parts offer nice forest hike
while the upper parts (over 1000 m) are emptier. The mountain Forollhogna on the right (1332m)
lake Forollsjøen from Forollhogna. There are some big trout in its water, but difficult to catch.

Tour de Nord

5000 km, 20 days, friends, good weather, remote places... we found paradise, where every wish became reality.
somewhere in the middle of Sweden, 1:00 in the morning, my first stop on the way to Kirkenes to pick up KoSte
morning lake has local colours
my second stop - Emilie and her monsters in Vitå. Great to see her so happy there
driving more north to Finnland. Interesting main road to Inari
third stop - Njurkulahti, Lemmenjoki national park
exploring a few sections of Lemmenjoki river with my Palava boat
fishing grayling in crystal clear water
local bears
from Kirkenes we drove to Øvre Pasvik, rented a canoe
and during 3 days explored several lakes
in perfect weather, even without mosquitos, in wild nature
free cabin on Norway-Russia-Finnland borders

getting lot of fish (greyling, pike, perch)
nice spot for grayling and Stepanka
after Øvre Pasvik we drove north, to Varangerhalvøya national park
we found this simple old cabin in Ytre Syltevika. It was used by Norwegian partizans during WWII, to spy German ships
it is located next to this bay and it is more to the east than Istanbul
nice valley nearby, we got amazing char for the dinner in the lake there
and experienced some magical moments there
our next destination was Vesterålen. On the way we crossed some winter areas...
to arrive into the summer
we spent 1 day hiking along the coast (The Queens Route)
swimming in Atlantic
chilling in the harbour
watching whales and puffins
and moved to our final destination, magical Senja island. Kanoying, hiking and fishing...

selection of fish we got. We were not lucky all the time: Stepanka got cca 15kg pike, but it was so huge, that we were not able to get it out of hte water, Max got halibut of probably very good size, unfortunatelly it escaped after a while of fight and I lost one nice sea trout from the hook. We also tried salmon in Rossfjorden, however without success.