A few pics from last 14 days...

A conference on sustainable urban mobility plans in city of Trebic was hold in hotel ATOM and nearby restaurant MOLEKULA. Wifi password REAKTOR...Riding bike was strange there - no cycle infrastructure and drivers were too fast to feel nice on the bike...
Home office in Brno. Great weather, good opportunity to play tennis with Mara in the evenings and also vote in local election. Brno impressions - nice "downtown", but... so many cars everywhere. And no hope for a change. So different from other comparable cities in Europe. Cycling there was so bad compare to Trondheim. Really sad to see all the opportunities that are hidden there...
Home office in Hranice. Great to be in smaller city, no stress, close to nature.
A weekend trip to Valassko region. Amazing autumn landscape. We loved it there.
Touching a local sandstone after many years...hmm, I missed that
and mushrooms!
and forest!
and steaks!
After 32 km hike on Saturday, we managed to pick muschrooms on Sunday morning.
Monday - visiting my fishing guru. Great time:) and Fery made me a fishing rode!
On Tuesday I moved to Gothenburg. We presented a poster on urban freight conference...and we won the prize! Lisa presented it really well.
Going from conference dinner, waiting for free ferry.
Autumn colours in Sweden
Attending the session on autonomous vehicles, sitting in VOLVO truck
Gothenburg - Trondheim. 15 hours journey with nice stop in Oslo.
Morning from the train
and back in Norway....