Small trips

The mobility limitations related to current Covid situation make us to do just one-day trips (it has not been allowed to stay overnight outside the district where one lives). But we cannot complain, the limitations/measures in Norway are not so strict as in Czech Rep. and the life is almost "normal" here. After a few weeks of using car-sharing services, we decided to buy our own vehicle, which makes the exploration activities much more easier. Here are some pics from the last weeks.

Sworm of brkoslav severni, aka bohemian waxwing, in the bushes
Akerselva, a small river going from Maridalsvannet to Oslo fjord. Trout, perch, pike in upper parts, salmon and seatrout near the fjord.
Walking along Sognvann, the nearest lake from our place.
Ytre Hvaler National Park. One of the archipelago parks along the coast. Good for seatrout
Homlungen lighthouse
Big Sandybeach on Kirkeøy
And back to Oslo...
While the lakes (this one is Trehørningen) in the forest are still frozen and good for icefishing
Oslo fjord has a spring feeling
A beach near Asker
Another idylic lake (Askeren) has some perch and trout

View from South Kolsås
and my favourite lake so far - Kalvsjøen
with some nice perch and trout under the ice
on the way to Kalvsjøen