Ice fishing game

Spending 6 hours alone on the ice, drilling holes and letting maggots dive into the darkness, not getting a single fish and next day again, of course without success. I like that game... check the best ice fishing movie with Daniel Defoe here and a few pics from last days...
Stuggusjøen (location here). Tough first experience
Laugen (location here). Excellent sunny day with Ray
going home to cook a whale
Våddån (location here). I got a tip from the locals, but still no fish
back to the city


Long weekend in Sylan, just 130 km from snowless Trondheim, another world...

morning view from the cabin. Patrusli farm offers great accommodation next to Stuggusjøen lake
nice cross country ski loop above the lake, with views at Sylan mountain
and freezing afternoon on the lake, trying to catch some char
next day, lets go to the mountains
on the way
great conditions up there

and another unsuccessfull try, artificial worms are not working
on the way back to Trondheim, we stopped in Tydal, another great skiing destination