Belma strikes back

Multiwhite beauty of Sylan (and lack of røya-fishing luck in the last trip) made me to ask special-røy-agant Belma to join me to the next røya-trip to Sylan. This time, we headed to Esandsjøen, more exactly to Nøstervika.
Røya monster devil cloud welcomed us back to his land, but
special agent Belma is ready!
She is not only super-skilled snowmobile  passenger,
and snow diver, but also amazing fisherwoman.
Our hotel was well isolated and remote. It served not only tea and coffee, but also limited amount of wine and beer.
Wind was strong in the early morning,
when agent Belma put her skies on.
She immediately found the right spot
and after she drilled a hole, demonstrated me the skills.
She also showed me that not only røya are down there in the water....this ugly one is cca 2kg lake . We released it and afterwards discovered that it could be nice dinner (they call it poor man's lobster and its liver has much more vitamines than cod...)
In 20 minutes she showed me all and started to read a book.
About the mountains that rise from the lake,
copied by clouds,
without no grounds.

Røya Battle on planet Sylan

A short time ago, in a region far, far away, a small team of desperate  fishermen was searching for some røya. They heard stories from locals and read memoirs in precious books about some rich lakes full of giant røya under the ice... so they went on a journey...
we spent our last money for the local transport

the journey was tough and long, but we had enough beer and slivovice, so most of us survived
using an advanced tracking tools, we found the promising location! Lets get all røya from the freezing depths!

but røya civilisation was surprisingly evolved! Unexpected! They attacked us with some heavy machinery and just a few of us escaped....

 uf, what a wild dream... winter is long and I really want to fish some røya... so lets go to Sylan to Nesjøen, the røya richest lake in northern Europe!

to reach the cabin, we travelled 25 km on this powerfull machine, thanks to guys from Fjellguiden Tydal AS

to find this nice cabin  where we stayed the next 3 days in Nesjøen Vinter Camp

first fishing during afternoon and evening - we got only 2 small røya...hmmm

next day, we decided to reach a nearby (7km) Skreddarsjøane

part of the route was nicely marked and after 2 hours some of us reached the place, where the lake should be
we drilled a few holes and hoped for big trout...well, no luck here as well

but we have seen the sun for a few seconds! That was amazing
Saturday's evening fishing on Nesjøen next to our fish!
Last day - the morning view from the cabin was amazing

so lets fish again

ice fishing dream place - without fish!
almost like a view from an airplane
a local guide transfered us to a place, where røya could be...It was nice to hear that the people on the opposite side of the lake just got 100 røya...

but fish!
no fish, no stress
sky is cool in Norway
Sunday evening, time to go back
røya monster devil cloud saying "good bye, loosers"

on the way back to Tydal