Oslo and around

Moving from Trondheim to Oslo...the car stopped working. After a few weeks in Oslo, I decided to sold it. Public transport is great here and it is probably more efficient to use local car sharing companies. 

I started to discover local lakes... there are several hundreds of them in Nordmarka (mostly with perch and trout)
The view from the terrace
Frozen art on the car roof
The view from the work... is it really necessary to be in the office?
on my way to the office... the same question
looking at the adventure in Fram museum
Lets go away
Blindern metro station next to my work
Songvann, 500m from the place I live
New region, new fish, new style...
On my way from ice-fishing trip
Going fishing by train
Another lake with perch
Starting to discover the region...
Good winter condition are not far away
Local cabin art
Great ski-tracks near Nesbyen
I realised that I miss the sea...
Holstein metro station in the morning (start of my working day)
Afternoon in Nordmarka
Finally outside the city again...near Trysil
Foggy skiing around Trysil
A view from the bedroom in Oslo...
Trying to escape Covid...Tunhovd damm
View from the cabin in Tunhovd...must come back next year
Creative ice-fishing
Home-office..nature comes to me
Home office - some colleagues are creative