Culture mix

Such mixture of different cultures we can experience here at NTNU is amazing. One is always suprised with something. For example in Malaysia, when you get married, your firends should put your picture into the local newspaper (the bigger the better, the more the better), to show the respect etc. Without that you are not recognised as married by your family and friends ...even if you are officially married. 

As Albert and Eileen, our Malaysian friends, are married without this photo matter, we put their picture into local Norwegian newspaper. Under supervision and leadership of mighty Chang north China style dinner was organised and Albert with Eileen were suprised. Amazing evening!

local newspaper Adressa (23.5.2016). Picture of Albert and Eileen has been taken couple of weeks ago during our trip to Stokkøya. Eileen is sitting by her first outdoor fire, grilling italian mouse alias kukurice.
Is it real? Did you use photoshop???
under leadership of commandant Chang we prepared huge amount of chinese dumplings
I was not able to cycle uphill home after all that food...

Strategical seminar

Our department is great. We had a seminar about PhD supervision on Hurtigruten, sometimes referred to as Norwegian Coastal Express. Hurtigruten ships sail almost the entire length of Norway, completing the round-trip journey in 11 days. The trip has been described as the "World's Most Beautiful Sea Voyage". We took only one-day part of it (ca 250km), from Trondheim to Rørvik (Trollfjord boat) and back (Nordlys boat), passing our favourite fishing (Hitra, Støkøya) and climbing destinations (Flatanger).
walking to the harbour through Trondheim's historical centre
to board of Trollfjord
and hit the route
bridge in Rørvik
near Flatanger
cod head on the back
cod head
two rock stars
Eirin on the back

Nordlys is landing in Rørvik
23:00 on the way home

Hitra and other islands

Lovely days on Hitra...
Hitra Thai restaurant - ideal start of the trip
nice to know (on the toilet's wall)
getting fish for barbecue under the bridge
and next day rocket trip to Frøya
to walk along the coast
and have lunch somewhere
and another coastal walk, this time on Ulvøya, the same day
eagles and crystalic water, getting nice cod fish for barbecue
after dinner, night fishing on Hitra
followed by midnight filleting
Hitra camp is interesting...

on the way back to Trondheim, we stopped in Kamvikbukta
to enjoy the beach
and kill more fish

Trip to Sweden

Trip to Nordic Traffic Safety Academy in Norrköping

SAS Plus service
They are everywhere
summer in the air
water everywhere, hangover cure
stairs to somewhere
I am in the next train
lets fly away
over Sweden
land of lakes
working on the plane

Long weekend by the ocean

Long weekend on Stokkøya island, where Juanma was celebrating his birthday. 15 people, 10 nations, lot of fun.
Belma and Eileen on the ferry from Flakk to Rørvik
first outdoor fire for Eileen! Pølser and kukurice
We tried some hiking on the way to the ocean. The conditions are still almost winterish on some places. Here is  Skurskarddalen
bridge from Stokkøya to Linesøya
traditional Malaysian fish dance
Juanma under the bridge...good spot for big pollocks
walking along the Stokkøya coast

Big cave in Harbak
walking to Tømmervika on Harbak

view from our cabin, 22:00
dead boat