Icefishing trip to Elgå

Very late December might not be the best time for artic char, but why not give it a try. After long and rather challenging drive from Oslo (starting at 4:30 in freeing rain), I parked next to Hammersjøen and fished for a few hours before continuing further to Elgå to Båtstø camping.  

Instead of char, I got this nice trout (and two burbot).  

Next day, early in the morning I hiked up to Volsjøen. Under good conditions it takes about 30 minutes, but fresh snow made it tough and it took me almost an hour to reach the lake. 

and of course I aimed at fishing on the furthest side of the lake.

It was lovely cold lonely day.

I ended with one good artic char in my bag. It was too cold to eat on the lake, so on the way back to car I was not very fresh:) 

Last day, on my way back to Oslo, I stopped at Dupsjøen. It was minus 24, maggots were frozen and I got just a few small fish. 

Femundsmarka has its charm in every season and I cannot wait to come back soon.

U Feryho desky

 V sobotu 3/12 probehlo slavnostni odhaleni pametni desky Feryho. I pres mrazive pocasi dorazilo hodne lidi, pod skalou znela, i pres promrzle prsty, ziva hudba (diky Karabino, diky Zizalo!), zaznelo, co zaznit melo. A po kratkem posezeni v hospode pod Hradem jsme jeste stihli pod vedenim Pawla nahlednout do Macochy, kde ten vikend zrovna Adam Ondra prostupoval volne Priklepovy strop - to by se Ferymu libilo:) Krasny, i kdyz bez Feryho smutny den v Krase. 

torzo Karabiny a Feryho oblibene trampske pisne

Macocha a Adam v previsu (foto vpravo ukradeno z Adamova facebooku)