Some pictures from around

November is mostly not very nice month here in Norway.  Still no winter, but cold and sleety, darkness soon during the day. But there are nice moments every day around:)

on my way from Vestli metro station to our place on a border between Oslo and Nittedal district

every morning immunity combo

It is still possible to catch a fish. Left one is meat from Femund trout, right one from Nordmarka. 

my favorite lake in Nordmarka

on the way to my favorite fresh fish shop in Vinderen

Drøbak, a small town at Oslo fjord
is a former trading town (e.g. with salt)
and the old part has its charm

is it mostly a "summer town", but autumn looks nice there as well
and back to Oslo...a view from a platform at Sinsen metro station
and this is the place where I work
Sofienberg church in Rodeløkka