Femundsmarka National Park is one of the largest continuous, unspoilt wilderness regions in Southern Scandinavia. Excellent place to hike and fish. It takes only 4 hours to drive there from Oslo. Ideal destination to try a heavy-style multiday backpacking hike. We chose to take a ferry M/S Femund II from Jonasvollen to Haugen and hike for 6 days to Revlingodden.

The map of our hike (blue-dotted line), with all our camping places. In total 55km, with good fishing all along the way.
M/S Femund is landing in Jonasvollen to take us over the Femund lake.
Entering the national park. 
First camp by Røvoltjønnan. Windy place. One attack from a big trout. 
Nearby - the largest fields of cloudberries we have ever seen, some are ready-to-eat. Mixed with chocolate = amazing supplement for the breakfest.
Second day we reached Grøtådalen,
but first we had encountered very strong wind on the northern side of Stor-Svuku Svahke.
Second camp near Grøtådalsætra. Smiling over the last one (of two) beer I carried.
After rainy night, the morning was suprisingly sunny. We passed Grøtådalsætra and headed into the valley. Despite the obvious direction, it was easy to lost the path (especially when someone was trying to fish along). 
Welcome to trout kingdom.
An old bridge in the valley.
This day was long one for me...here, I am 'meditating' over monumental, old, monotonous (variable though), hypnotic landscape.  
Finally, the next camp was set and I got beautifull trout in the nearby stream.
Next day, we walked along southern side of Sylvola to Rønsjøen. I had a good feeling about this lake and I was right. I got two beautiful mountain trout there and Belma got even bigger one, plus one arctic char.    
Camping place at Rønsjøen. Carrying the grill was worthy. We had fish of amazing quality every day. However, the grilled bred with garlic was even better. 
Our last camping place was by Revlingsjøen. I finally got an artic char there. 
And of course we grilled fish again!
Luckily (for me), the last day was a short one. Just a few km to reach DNT cabin Svukuriset
and 4 km more to Revlingodden, to catch the boat back to the civilisation.