Icefishing with Mr. Louka - part II.

 Just a few more pictures of me and one video taken by Louka during our trip to Femundsmarka. 

morning on Volsjøen

on the way higher

Icefishing with Mister Louka

Most of the members of our little culinary expedition team "Warriors of the North" were unfortunately busy, so it was only Louka aka Dr. Love, very experienced ski-alpinist and patient fisherman, who joined me for 4-days ice-fishing trip. Our destination was our favorite Femundsmarka and we aimed at catching some artic char. It was his first ice-fishing experience. Here is a short photo report. 

Mandatory stop to buy selection of boller in Espa. 

First day: I decided to start on Volsjøen. It is nice lake just 3 km from the car and I know where to fish there. Using fjellski was great idea, because a scooter track up there was covered with some new snow. Of course we started early (sun rises at 6:30 = alarm at 4:30).

It was lovely cold day on the ice (-18 in the morning). Unfortunately, we were getting only very small fish. We also tested my new reindeer skin and I must say it is very useful part of the equipment!

On the way back to our camp in Elgå we encountered several huge elks, who were eating hay next to a farm. Every day their numbers increased.

Second day: A sudden change of weather (strong wind around 25-30m/s and snowing) made us to stay near the cabin. So we skied to the local shop to buy some beer and bread

and in the afternoon we skied ca 4 km along Femunden coast...

We even tried to fish there, but without any success.

Mini lighthouse at the campsite.

Third day: This was our "main day". We decided to fish in a small lake called Kjerrtjønna, located above Volsjøen in Nyrøstvola mountain area. We were hoping to catch some nice size artic char there. It was amazing trip up there, ca 6 km from the car on skies.

Here we finally escaped the forest. Volsjøen in the background. 

Louka is looking towards Femunden lake. 

Kjerrtjønna lake below, behind the trees. 

It was lot of snow on the ice, but Louka is strong. Fishing from 9:00 to 14:00 resulted in only one fish of eatable size! Unexpected... During the day, a national park ranger stopped by us (with his mini dog Pipi) and checked our fishing licenses. He was up there on his scooter to track wolverines. He said there were big fish under the ice! At 14:00 we had to leave because of strong wind. We skied down to Volsjøen and fished a few hours there, getting only one eatable fish. At least we had two fish for the dinner. 

Last day, on our way back to Oslo, we skied a few km to Rørsjøen and fished there for 4 hours. There were some bites, but again, only small fish. 

Despite the lack of fishing luck it was really great trip. We were lucky with the weather, skied ca 40 km in amazing nature and enjoyed some quality time together! Next winter again!