Summer trout season is over, salmon as well. Trondheim is rainy. Time to discover a new destination and try fishing for grayling (spoiler - in this pool I lost a big fish..).
Hodalen is a complex of several lakes in unique glacier formed landscape, about 200 km from Trondheim direction Tynset and Tolga. Autumn makes it really beautifull there.
Grayling is a pretty fish. There is a bag limit of only one fish between 35-45cm per day.
When I started fishing on Saturday, I noticed very big fish jumping here. I hooked it but it escaped. The same happened in the evening. On Sunday morning it was jumping again...was it monster grayling or a nice pike? Do grayling jump?
Waiting for the sun in the cold morning

Ice-fishing season is coming
Sunday - time to get one fish for the dinner in this amazing clear water and go back to the city.