Savalen 2021

After two months, we came back to Savalen lake to enjoy longer days in the nature. I was surprised that the water level and the ice were several meters lower compared to December. It created some strange sculptures on the ice and it was necessary to adjust my ice fishing locations. 
These two pictures are taken at the same moment - around 6:50 in the morning. The moon was going down on west, while the sun was rising on east. Artic char is most active early in the morning = very early waking time for me as well.
We were lucky enough to get two nice røya for the grill.
Early fishing means a lot of time for other activities in the afternoon. The weather had a spring feeling, with around 7 degrees  = challenging skiing conditions requiring a klister …
Some high art movies in the cabin
On the way back to Oslo, we drove the scenic road nr. 27, that goes along Rondane national park. This time the visibility was amazing.