Weekend in Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella national park, hoping to get a big trout. Autumn in progress, mushrooms, cloudberries, lots of wind, mud, wet land and of course very good company...
we stayed in Langvatnet cabin. The rent includes motor boat too.


my mum visited Trondheim for long weekend

We decided to experience a classical Norwegian cabin trip. So we drove to Linndalen (location here) to spend two nights in nice small cabin Uroa next to Linndalsvatna.
Saturday's hike to Svarthaugvatna
no people, great views, amazing weather on the top (1200 m) and during the whole weekend
and nice fishing in the lakes
on the way down we visited old farm Gammelsetra
and fished little bit in Linndøla river
on Sunday we did 8km long round hike in Åmotan. Beautifull meeting point of four rivers and glacier valleys, with three impressive waterfalls
we started from Jenstad farm. People have been farming here from 1600
first waterfall on our way, Svøfallfallet, has 156 m
after steep "climb" we reached another old farm named Lundlia
and continued to another waterfall
Lindalsfallet, 110m. During 3 hours hike, with amazing weather  we met 4 people...