Day 7 - Searching for Fuji

It was a little bit  surreal day... we went to Hakone national park, hoping for some hiking and view at Mt. Fuji. Mountain train from Odawara to Gora was nice start of the day
but due to the foggy weather, this was the only picture of Fuji we got
and Owakudani vulcanic valley was closed for too much vulcanic activity...our hiking plan to reach Mt. Komagatake was not possible
so after 3 hours of walking we somehow reached lake Ashino-ko. Pirate cruise ships did not atract us
instead, we walked along the lake, using this most unwalkable path ever designed, hoping for some happy ending
and finally, we reached Hakone temple and there was a ceremony ....
the locals seem to be more connected to God
than me

Day 6 - Ito

Ito, 20 km south from Atami...small fishing town with lot of hot springs. Hypnotic music from street speakers
God of fishing EBISU. There are many other gods at the streets. I had my fishing gear with me, and I hoped for some luck

while searching for fishing spot, we found dolphins. Sea eagles were stealing fish from them
My Norwegian fishing technique was not good enough for Japaneese fish...local fishermen are using Albert's Malaysian technique
on the way back to town, we stopped in some old forgotten temple
there was a path into the forest, so we walked and walked
there was even one view point
and suddenly, we were back by the sea, further away from the town
there was lily at the end...
...and the dinner, of course

Day 5 - Tokyo - Atami

Senso-ji temple in Tokyo...our last sight...different atmosfere from Nikko, crowded and strange surrounding
nevertheless, some quite places can be found there
raven on the roof

I was more interested in details

we found this cat god
and the tallest tower, 600 m Sky Tree hidden by clouds
final meat in Tokyo, lets go to Tsukiji fish market again, best ever so far
good bye photo with our hosts
and lets go to Atami
strange summer resort town, our base for next 3 days

Day 4 - Trip to Nikko

Shinkansen Yamabiko from Tokyo to Utsunomiya. From there a regional train to Nikko
and other types of Shinkansens on Tokyo station
Shinkyo Sacred Bridge over Daiya river in Nikko - entrance to the temple complex
and whole day of temples started
 in the middle of huge cedar forest, luckily not so crowded on Monday

just us and gods
Taiyuin Temple
do not joke with gods and your wife
combination of trees and temples was truly amazing
and back in Tokyo, our landlord showing us her son's dress

Day 3 - Tokyo

nice way to Meiji Jingu, old trees and ravens, plus some cold breeze
Meiji Jingu is popular place for traditional Japaneese wedding ceremony
and Jedi masters
close from the monastery, different world in Shibuya district
super crowded
a few phases of famous Shibuya signalised crossing
one gets hungry...lets try something
hmm, what it will be this time