Trying to explore the area around Trondheim and visit other cross-country locations than Bymarka, we found nice loops in Meråker. Highly recommended. 
we parked in Grova - Meråker ski centrum
and just picked one track
that leads to excellent 20 km loop
passing  the area of Lauvlihaugan
we were lucky with weather, as it got worse when we left the place

compulsory selfie
and a battle ship in Trondheim, resting after friday night

Winter camping

Great weekend in Skaun area. Dogs, friends, snow, fire, skiing...
first winter night out for Adria and me...not ideal weather conditions combined with no-winter equipment, but still nice experience
morning... girls in the kitchen. On the wall picture of Trollheimen
part of the gang
dogs and humans, one team
afternoon meeting at Dogville. 28 dogs and 10 humans
on Sunday, we came back, enjoying much better conditions
The Queen of Dogland, lady Emilie, was still on her place. Thanks for great time!
Adria performing a turning maneauvre
Belma riding her team
with natural leading skills
Emilie and Belma on their way to camp
Skiing back to car was romantic

Nice places around

Beer brewing and skiing, two main leisure activities in these days. Today, just a few pics from this week's skiing. Bymarka is nice as usual and we discovered great loop in Ulvåsmarka near Orkanger. Days are getting longer, beer is maturing in bottles. Next story will be about beer, stay tuned!
view from Henriksasen
Skjellbreia lake
virgin ski trail
in front of Grønlia hytte
around Elgsethytta
start from Lomtjønna
excellent conditions in Markaløypa i Ulvåsmarka
on the way from Ulvåsen, view on the fjord
mountains far away