Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella national park

to reach Holden Fjellgård, we had to cross Grøningen lake (location here)
quit strong headwind made it a challenging task. We needed 3 hours of paddling to skiff 7 km (on the way back we needed just half of that time)
the last part of Grøningen lake (location here)
we left the boat at the end of the lake and hiked further couple of km, finding some monster mushrooms on our way
along Skjeldbreien lake (location here)
to reach Holden Fjellgård, the old farm that is a tourist cabin nowdays (location here)
next day in the morning I walked to Krenvelva
and try to fish some graylings (location here)
I got 3 of them for the dinner. Very beautifull fish in amazing location
autumn is starting....
and cloudberries are gone....
On the way back to Trondheim, we took a look at this famous rock carving of raindeer at Bøla (location here)
there should also be a carving of a bear  (I am not able to find it...)

Flatanger #4

Before picking up my friend Berny at the airport, I made a trial "expedition" with our new Palava canoe. Nearby Jonsvatnet lake is really beautifull place (location here). It is where the drinking water for Trondheim is coming from.
view from Flatanger cave (location here) is good as usual. Autumn is coming.
catching a dinner is not difficult here (location here)
Berny is cruising in long beautiful route called Gulrot Tywen (grade 6b+)
we tried Palava canoe also in the fjord (location here), to fish in some deep water. It was cool ! Our main wish was not to catch a big fish, otherwise we would be in some trouble.

Luckily, we got only this 2 kg cod fish. Anyway, afternoon climbing was little bit demanding after that fjord expedition.
meanwhile, in the house...
The sea was really calm on Monday morning...

Fishing weekend

I am starting to like fishing in the rivers. I made a quick trip to Selbu area, trying to catch a trout in Nea river. Nea is considered to be very good trout river. The picture is not Nea, but nearby Garbergselva, also nice one.
And I was lucky to get this 0.6 kg trout in Nea (location here). Good fight, the trout was jumping high from the stream.
On Sunday, me and Albert drove to Aure, to pick out Palava boat brought from Brno by Czech fishermen (thanks a lot, Fery!). We took longer, but more scenic route through Snillfjord.

I promised Albert good macrel spot, so he was excited (location here)
uf, we did not expect 30 macrels in couple of hours...the biggest one had more than 1 kg.
there was no time to look aroud....
on the way back
a scenik look on the way back (location here)
back in the city

Culinary expedition to Frøya

to reach Frøya, one needs to cross Hitra...and it means only one thing - to stop in Thai Fast Food Truck in Fillan
Saturday afternoon was windy and rainy. We got a few small trouts in Dyrvikvatnet and enjoyed perfect dinner in Ray's and Vibe's house in Dyrvik
There are circa 5000 small islands around Frøya
Bird boxes
local dog
Cafe at Titran, the end of the local world
near Titran, there is a network of military bunkers

the tallest light-house in Norway
and open ocean!
Belma and Vibe discussing in the sea of granit
too wild to fish from the time a boat is needed