Icefishing trip to Elgå

Very late December might not be the best time for artic char, but why not give it a try. After long and rather challenging drive from Oslo (starting at 4:30 in freeing rain), I parked next to Hammersjøen and fished for a few hours before continuing further to Elgå to Båtstø camping.  

Instead of char, I got this nice trout (and two burbot).  

Next day, early in the morning I hiked up to Volsjøen. Under good conditions it takes about 30 minutes, but fresh snow made it tough and it took me almost an hour to reach the lake. 

and of course I aimed at fishing on the furthest side of the lake.

It was lovely cold lonely day.

I ended with one good artic char in my bag. It was too cold to eat on the lake, so on the way back to car I was not very fresh:) 

Last day, on my way back to Oslo, I stopped at Dupsjøen. It was minus 24, maggots were frozen and I got just a few small fish. 

Femundsmarka has its charm in every season and I cannot wait to come back soon.

U Feryho desky

 V sobotu 3/12 probehlo slavnostni odhaleni pametni desky Feryho. I pres mrazive pocasi dorazilo hodne lidi, pod skalou znela, i pres promrzle prsty, ziva hudba (diky Karabino, diky Zizalo!), zaznelo, co zaznit melo. A po kratkem posezeni v hospode pod Hradem jsme jeste stihli pod vedenim Pawla nahlednout do Macochy, kde ten vikend zrovna Adam Ondra prostupoval volne Priklepovy strop - to by se Ferymu libilo:) Krasny, i kdyz bez Feryho smutny den v Krase. 

torzo Karabiny a Feryho oblibene trampske pisne

Macocha a Adam v previsu (foto vpravo ukradeno z Adamova facebooku)

Odhaleni pametni desky Ferymu

Podarilo se nam vymyslet, vyrobit a nainstalovat pametni desku - vzpominku na naseho draheho pritele Feryho. S myslenkou prisla Lenka Benesova, Josef Borkovec vytvoril navrh a Pavel Weisser to zrealizoval. Ja psal e-maily a zajistil, ze prijmeni Pipal je na desce spravne a to znamena s kratkym "i". V sobotu 3/12 v 11:00 budeme na Holstejne pod skalou a posleze v hospode Pod Hradem, kdo se chce pridat, je vitan. 

Culinary expedition to Femundsmarka

Destination: Femundsmarka national park (Norway) and Rogen Nature reserve (Sweden)
Date: Late summer/early autumn, from Saturday to Saturday
Dream team: Vojta aka Blueberry Border collie, Vit aka Master Chef, Vlado aka Universal Expert, Louka aka Dr. Laska & Pøk aka Ing. Krkovicka 
Plan: Hiking, fishing (only in lakes, as fishing in rivers is not allowed after 1/9), relaxing, cooking on the fire, discussing, keeping Louka happy

We left our car in Jonasvollen and crossed Femund lake with MS Fæmund II boat  (the boat is operation since 1905!) to Haugen. From there, we hiked 7 days to Røa and took the boat back to Jonasvollen. In total around 55 km (plus 8 km side trip to Litle Vonsjøen for me and Louka). The route and positions of our camping spots are marked on the map above. 
The weather was supposed to be OK, just cloudy, without heavy rain. However, it was mostly too sunny, with relatively warm days and several cold nights. We would have used sun glasses, sun cream and shorts, but we did not have them. This photo is taken near Røvoltjønnan, the first fishing lake we encountered. 
After few minutes, Louka got this beautiful mountain trout (over 1 kg) in this lake. What an amazing and promising start! And the biggest fish of our trip...
Our first camping spot was situated next to Skogtjønna. This only night I slept in the tent, otherwise I spent nights under the sky.
There are some sandy beaches! This one is on Øvre Roasten. 
Second day, crossing a creek above Øvre Roasten
A "young" lake on our way to the second camping spot at eastern end of Storbuddhåen.
The diversity of the landscape was stunning.
Vit on the bridge over a stream between Litlbuddhåen and Rogshåen. Louka spotted a monster trout swimming under. We also saw a squirrel running across the bridge. 
Møllerbua - an ancient fishing cabin. One of several historical cabins in the area that are free to use.
From Mølllerbua, Louka and I made an afternoon side trip to Litle Vonsjøen.We wanted to fish artic char there. Amazingly clear water, fantastic nature, wilderness feeling. It took us almost 2 hours to walk 4 km to the lake. No fish on our hooks. I would love to come here in winter.  
Still on Litle Vonsjøen, searching for fish
On the way back to the camp across Rogsvola mountain we experienced impressive sunset over Femundsmarka. 
Food inspection after 3 days of hiking. Vit hid a few delicacies that he surprised us with a few days later. I admire him, because he carried not only some equipment for his son Vojta, but also an almost unlimited amount of vital supplies (such as 1,5 liters of homemade sour cherry wine, 1,5 liters of homemade plumb brandy or 650g of smoked meat). And we ate and drank all!
We visited Sweden for one night as well. Obviously, nature was greener and the variety of animals was greater than in Norway. 
A morning moment after the coldest night (-4).
Autumn is near...
Back in Norway, walking along Skjebrofjellet towards Volsjøan 
Blueberries and cranberries everywhere...
Another lake, another fishing debacle :)
Another camping spot...this one next to Langeggtjønnan. 
What a morning!
The last day of hiking - walking along Røa river back to Femund lake.
Last sunset of our trip over Femund lake
and a few more casts...
Vit and Vojta waiting for MS Fæmund II to take us back to the car
Waffles are coming!

These are almost all fish we got and ate during the whole expedition: 7 trout (3 of them over 40cm), one grayling around 43cm, one big perch. Louka was obviously the fishing master. Late season, clear sky, almost no wind, full moon might be some of the factors explaining our "failure". What an expedition it was! We need more!


The primary goal of this short weekend trip was to pick up a lot of cloudberries near Vestby/Trysil. But I found the fields empty. I came too late and managed to pick up just a little (= enough for one small jar of marmalade). So I continued further north to Femundsmarka, to test my new fishing rod. The aim was to explore Sømåkvolvet, a lower elevation mountain range next to Isteren lake, with old pine trees (small area with burned trees as well), moss covered ground and moraine ridges. And many small lakes located almost next to each other (see the map below). 

Just two km from parking 

I tried to fish in 7 lakes in one day. It was hot weather and trout were lazy. The only activity I encountered was in Langtjønna, after I took a bath there. 3 very nice trout jumped off my hook and one smaller ended up in my bag. That was it... 

I stayed overnight next to Femundselva, hoping to improve my fishing score next day, but no luck there as well. The vey low water level and hot weather might contribute to that... 

so I got only some nice pictures from these two days. 

Summer in Femundsmarka

End of July, summer heat in most of Europe. Oslo has not been so hot as other cities, however even 25 degrees and sunny weather can be too much here. So it was great to escape for a few days to colder wilderness and show Lukas our favorite Femundsmarka. We stayed in Engerdal and made several trips around. 

First destination - Hognsjøen, relatively small lake above Engerdal. There are big (3 kg) trout and artic char swimming and they are not easy to catch. 
The gravel road (Nysæterveien) that goes along the north-east edge of Østre Blakksjøhøgda to the parking 3 km from Hognsjøen, offers great views over Femund and Kvisleflået. 
Second destination - 3,5 km path along Gutulisjøen  towards Gutulisetra offers a taste of Gutulia national park, the smallest one in Norway. While Lukas was taking a nap, I managed to get a nice trout in Gutulisjøen. 
Third destination - a round 11 km hike from Gløtvola to the top of Vardefjell. Amazing forest in lower parts, a lot of wind and nice views above the forest. 

Fourth destination - hike from Galten to Galtåsknappen and back (7 km in total). Fantastic views all around. The brochure with the selection of 20 hikes to the  mountain tops in the area (topptur) can be downloaded here. It seemed that Lukas enjoyed the trips (except driving) and we are looking forward to coming back soon.