Påske time

For many days, the sun has been shining... good time for the first spring river fishing on Nidelva (with nice catch of super tasty trout as bonus).
Easter - good time to head to the mountains to enjoy some spring cross-country skiing, grilling, wine, sun bathing, ice-fishing etc.
We spent seven days in a lovely cabin next to Flatningen lake, exploring nearby places (skiing in Rondane and Jotunheimen, fishing in Otta river, ice-fishing on Furusjoen).
Almost summer weather all the time, sometimes challenging to wax (klister needed), truly amazing...never seen so many smiling Norwegians
We reached one top as well (Formokampen, 1424m). It offers great view on Rondane
The top is easy to reach on cross-country skies and the downhill back is perfect.

The snow is slowly melting near Peer Gynt cabin...
From mountains to the sea - Easter monday trip to summer Aure to try some fjord fishing...
Not so much fish, but great time anyway.