Quick jump into full autumn

Autumn (end of September) is magical time in the mountains around Femund and Engerdal. Probably my most favorite part of the year in the area that I like a lot.  
Weather forecast for the weekend was great, so I hit the road and went for a quick trip. I picked up a lake (Hognsjøen) on the map and drove. 
After 280 km I found this perfect camping place
and finally, after several months, put my tent again.
Morning view from the tent was magical.
No time to lose. .. lets hike up to the lake
Very nice lake indeed. I got a beautiful trout there and lost my biggest ever so far.
I will come back!

Salmon season 2021

Another salmon season is over. I visited Mandalselva, Orkla and Lierelva (2x). In total 12 days of fishing resulted in one salmon on Orkla and one seatrout on Lierelva. But most importantly, it was great time spent with my friends Ray, Tobias and KarlHeinz.  

Second weekend in June I drove to Mandalselva to start the season and meet Ray. 
Mandalselva (zone 2) is beautiful river and during two days we fished in many pools. Unfortunately, the water level was jumping up and down rapidly and the conditions were not good.   
Ray was the only one who saw a fish, because he visited a local salmonarium that exhibits some wild fish caught in the river.
Driving back to Oslo was long, but the scenery was rewarding. 
Finally back on Orkla (Svinsjøen), last week in June. Highlight of the season. We decided with Tobias to fish there the whole week, hoping to catch a big salmon.  Ambitious plan indeed! The biggest fish swim into the river first and June is good time to try to catch some. On the other hand it is not an easy task, as there are not so many of them in the river. And of course all depends on luck, timing and good conditions. 
Well, the conditions seemed OK and I got lucky already during our second day. The fish was standing behind that big stone in the middle of the stream. It took my spinner and I finally experienced a bigger fish on my rod. After not so long fight Tobias jumped into the water and grabbed the tail. 
It was 90cm female. Surprisingly it had only 6kg, which ranks as a "slim type" (normal type should have around 7kg). So we agreed it was a vegan salmon. Nevertheless I was super happy and I hoped that Tobias would get a salmon soon as well. 
Well, it took 5 days of hard work... Finally this 80cm beauty took his fly. Nicht falsch gefischt! During those five days, we had the whole 3km section almost exclusively for ourselves. It was amazing fishing without a fish:) and I became really good in casting my spinner. However, one week on one section was too much. But still, we were really lucky, because not so many fishermen got a fish during that week. 
some filleting work and it is time to celebrate a little bit. 
And the last day, KarlHeinz and his wife Margret joined us and I was really happy to see them again. We celebrated gently and I am looking forward to meeting them next year for longer time. 

me and the salamon

Later during the summer, I drove twice to that small river near Drammen and got one 0,5kg seatrout and lost probably a salmon. I am not sure If I will fish here again. It has strange rules - "catch and kill", almost everybody fish with worms and I have to say that the quality of meat was not very good compared to fresh fish from Orkla. 

Fruitful summer 2021

Last evening on Orkla in June 2021 and the end of my short salmon season (more details about it coming soon). But also the beginning of another Norwegian summer. No big plans ahead, we will stay near Oslo. 
And indeed, except one weekend trip to Femundselva, we enjoyed this summer in Oslo and Nordmarka. 
We stayed one week in Oslo center to look after Nikki, a lovely cat of our friends. It was really hot during that week and Oslo botanical garden was  an ideal place to cool down.  It was inspiring to experience a city life for a while. 
This summer = good food, picking berries and making marmalades, 
picking mushroom,

hiking around and swimming in nearby lakes. 
And at the end of the summer, the best catch of the life. Mr. Big foot joined our family.