Moon fire

Moon fire on Emilie's farm. Nice opportunity to meet Diane (and E. of course too) again.
D. was little bit scared to be there alone, just with that crazy french dog queen
Saturday's morning was like this...dogs were waiting for their training
meanwhile, I tried the nearby Skaun ski tracks. Some parts have amazing views!
excitment before training...a lot to learn from those alaskian huskies
we did couple of loops on the lake, sometimes the wind was warm and stinky
and when I looked up behind me, I started to be scared too...


Snow is here! Great for skiing, challenging for biking. Maintenance of main cycle and skiing network is working quit well in Trondheim, so it is easy to enjoy both.
Nidaros Cathedral
Behind our house...gate to Bymarka playground

A meeting

To discuss the lack of snow, I attended international workshop in Skaun. The conclusion is clear - snow is needed, dogs are not happy!
workshop was organised by Emilie, on her luxury residence. Dogs' delegation was present too. Thanks!
to look at the snow, we hiked to Grønliutsikten. 

with help of Maaz, we even found some real snow up there.
hiking with sledging dogs is fun. And fast...Diane is enjoying it right now
National Snow Reservation
National Snow Reservation without snow!
Ice is the king in these days (Storslemsjøen). I tried ice fishing there...5 minutes was enough...

We were analysing the ruines of old sledge training loop on Litltjørna

Into 2016

Fishing in winter fjord is not super nice, but one needs to try new tools...and even I got any fish, I took this picture of Albert and Eileen.

For last day in 2015 and New Year's Eve, we were invited by Kjerstina to Nytrøy, to her familie's cabin. We spent two very nice days with her parents and daughter, enjoying norwegian hospitality and try little bit of skiing too (through Sparsjøvollan to Tobakkpiptjøna). Tusen takk!