Warm weather in Trondheim made me drive to Stugudalen. A plan was to ski and fish, but as it was raining there on Friday evening, I just fished on nearby lakes during the whole weekend.
Frozen snow on the top of the ice...not so nice to move on.

Saturday morning view from my tent...almost like summer beach. I stayed in local caravan camp , that is  situated just next to the lake Stuggusjøen.

Saturday morning was not a good fishing day. I got a few small røya, this burbot and then something took one of my fishing rods into the hole...of course the newest one.

So I moved further on the lake, along the snowscooter route
with Sylan massiv in the background. My very favourite place.

Sunday morning was hard with some wet snow storm

But the sun came back (together with 15-20m/s wind) so I spent a few hours on Mosjøen, getting nothing.

Ice fishing in Sweden

Warm weather period forced me and Emilio to search for frozen lakes further from Trondheim. I found out that lakes around Swedish ski town Åre might be good.
So we decided to spend a weekend on Gevsjön. Saturday was windy and there was a layer of water on the ice, which makes life harder ...
Without local knowledge it is hard to find fish, especially on such big lake. Saturday - zero, Sunday - 2 smaller char. In total 10 hours on the ice and about 100 holes drilled...
However, it was great winter weekend, with nice camping just next to the lake.
and much better condition on Sunday, when the ice was almost well frozen.

Czech February

Early start of another Czech trip on small train station in Skansen (Trondheim), just next to the local harbour

Czech Rep. has the highest density of railway network in the world...

How the transport will be in the future? Postcard from 1900, city of Jesenik...almost no cars!

Little reminder of the north
Visiting some hidden local curative springs. Our friend Asu is mapping and renovating them...

Cross-country skiing in Adrspach with Dr. Love was different from Norway,

especially with some nice refresment.
Almost ski-alpinistic cross-country trip to Krkonose, with a lot of snow

but no visibility at all...

An encounter on the way to Teplice rocks

along an abandoned settlement Zabor
and some great sandstone towers