A few days in CZ

approaching Prague
trams, bikes and beer in Brno
Art in Brno
dentists everywhere
much nicer place
I enjoyed walking around Zidenice, taking pictures of walls...
Jinovatka at Stara Pekarna club
and noise - medi - cimbal at Sklenena Louka
the castle is occupied by obscure people
one of the deepest abbys in the world near Hranice (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hranice_Abyss )
Spring is in the air in Moravsky Kras
wandering in Moravsky Kras
to meet Dr. Love...

Weekend in Oppdal

To celebrate, we spent a couple of days outside Trondheim with our friends.. we went to Oppdal
Friday afternoon, on the way to Oppdal, I stopped in Berkåk and did beautiful 25 km loop, no people and excelent condition
view at Rennebu

Next day we went to Vognillan. We started our journey at Skarvatnet. For Henri, alias Tiger Tomba, this was his third cross country trip. Intensive experience:)
the team was optimistic and condition amazing
Arny arrived from Oslo just for this weekend!
first part was super nice
sometimes it is possible to fall down even on flat sections
Half of the trip and resting before unexpected uphill part
up and up
to enjoy the view
and downhill sections back to car

On Sunday, on our way to Trondheim, we stopped in Innset. Some team members were tired and stayed near cementary, the rest put their skies on
Eileen and Albert on the section going to the loop around Damtjønna
start of 6km loop
not so exciting as mountain loop we did on Saturday, but still nice. Great weekend!

Old man in Bymarka

On my birthday, I got an idea to ski in Bymarka and do as many kilometers as years I have spent on Earth. At the end, I did even 5 more...great day, being alone up there. Now I feel tired like old man.
spring is behind our window ... at the inner side
I visited some places for the first time this winter
In the afternoon, clouds came
16 km
I decided to go up to Storheia to enjoy the view

still 25 to go
Marka, my resting place