Icefishing season is back!

Winter has been here for several weeks
Lakes are getting frozen
so it is time to get ready to drill some holes.
Snowfree steel ice is always nice
and with some sun and no wind, ice fishing is very pleasant activity
the noise of bells ...
Meeting an old dog somewhere near Trondheim
On one of many local lakes
Arctic char is a beautiful fish
and even small one makes you happy
Big trout makes me even more happy. Well, season has just started, days are super short, so hopefully there will be much more in upcoming trips - Savalen and Sweden! Have a nice Xmas!

Random pics from a few last weeks

Upper parts of Nidelva river - great trout fishing (late discovery)
I fly too much...
I like trains...this is the view from a train to Trondheim airport
and this is Gaula river from a train to Oslo (one of the best salmon rivers...)

going back from Oslo to Trondheim by train through Dove is just lovely (and long)
our favourite viewpoint on the way to Aure (from a car)
Crazy mackerel fishing near that bridge. Monster autumn mackerel... we were surprised
so we ate them
more flying...
view #1 from a bus to Vienna
view #2 from a bus to Vienna


Summer trout season is over, salmon as well. Trondheim is rainy. Time to discover a new destination and try fishing for grayling (spoiler - in this pool I lost a big fish..).
Hodalen is a complex of several lakes in unique glacier formed landscape, about 200 km from Trondheim direction Tynset and Tolga. Autumn makes it really beautifull there.
Grayling is a pretty fish. There is a bag limit of only one fish between 35-45cm per day.
When I started fishing on Saturday, I noticed very big fish jumping here. I hooked it but it escaped. The same happened in the evening. On Sunday morning it was jumping again...was it monster grayling or a nice pike? Do grayling jump?
Waiting for the sun in the cold morning

Ice-fishing season is coming
Sunday - time to get one fish for the dinner in this amazing clear water and go back to the city.

Fishing with Fery

My fishing guru Fery and his grandson Honza drove all the way from Brno, Czech republic, to join me on Orkla river to try to catch some atlantic salmon. After many theoretical discussions, we finally fished together. Despite not being very successful, it was great.
Honza and Fery on the classical view point Brekka on the way to Aure.
We stayed in Rønningen Camping in a small cabin, just next to Orkla river.
As the river section next to the camp belongs to the camp owners, it is possible to fish right next to the cabin.
However, we fished mostly a few km upstream, along Svinsøyen section, which is longer, more variable and located in very nice nature. I have been there already 8 times this year, but for the first time I have reached the upper border of the section. I had a promissing bite from salmon there, but it did not hook well enough...
Lower border of Svinsjøen section is a frequent meeting and social point, from where
you can observe fishermen along Rørommet part of the section. Honza got our only salmon here, but it was too small to be kept.
Well masked Fery is fishing in his favourite Handbaggan (a.k.a. Pool of mighty Fery).
Salmon fishing is really hard work and crazy hobby. Good refreshment is the key to stay optimistic!
In order to get some fish, we drove to Aure
to fish in the fjords.
And finally we had some success, with a lot of makrels and one sea trout.

Sylan in summer

Sylan, a mountain ridge on the border between Norway and Sweden, is my favourite ice-fishing place. How is it in summer? Hot...
Road nr. 705 along my favourite Nea river

with several water power-stations along the way.
Smaller road goes to Esandsjøen,
where Palava meets Sylan.

Path to Syltjønna lake,

which lies under the highest point of Southern Trøndelag - Storsylen, 1728m.
This group made it to the top in 1900, but it was too hot in 2019...(source: Wikipedia)
Finally some water in dry mountains...

Expedition Rogen

Last year, Vlado and I were planning a paddle trip around Rogen lake in Sweden, but because of fire danger we did not make it. The idea has been in my head till then, so when SuperKoma started  suggesting another trip to north with Dr. Love and Mr. Mara, the destination was obvious. Let's go to Rogen! Meanwhile SuperKoma made SuperBerta with  Mr.Vit Snowhite took his place. We rented two canoes and hit "the road". Six nights in wild nature, around 10 portages (some of them longer than 500m) and around 50-60km of paddling. Good weather most of the time, some wind in all directions, great fishing, lack of beer, good mood...difficult to write more details, it was just perfect. Two men in one canoe make one body and one brain, real men doing real work. So remote and various landscape, so many stories. We got several trout over 1kg, one pike about 5kg, a lot of grayling (max 45cm), some nice perch and one char. At the end we were dreaming about not-fish meal and some beer - yes, we underestimated our beer suply and were without beer for 5 days...
Our trip and camps
The start in Käringsjöen

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere
around midnight
Small lakes
and big lakes...
Several tricky parts
and lovely places
Crossing the Rogen lake on calm water was just amazing
and last few meters...
This is the most funny portage...400m in the swamp
It is so great to have the opportunity to camp everywhere...
Fire was our good friend
another camping place
and the only one rainy day...
The turning point of our trip and last drops of plumb sad moment
Culinary orgy every day
Biggest grayling of the trip by Mr. Mara
Biggest pike of the trip by Dr. Love
A typical lunch break
and dinner...