Sunday afternoon

Ray, Albert and me found a sunny location in Byneset area with strong cod population. We reduced it a little - just in two hours we got some really big ones. Probably the best fishing so far...
Snow, sun, blood, music...
first cast, first fish. Albert opened a fish gate
Last cast, last fish. Ray closed the gate with this beautifull cod.
Duty free


Probably last cross-country skiing trip this season, so we took it easy, visiting historical copper-mining town Røros. There is a lot of skiing around (cca 500km of tracks), so good tip for next winter. And nearby Femundsmarka national parks looks attractive too...a lot to do in future...
cool art work
Skåkåsen loop (circa 15 km) provides nice view (probably at Femundsmarka nasjonalpark) and friendly slopes
spring is in the air
M+J at Skåkåsfjellet (871 m)

First fishing

We got just snow, wind and little storm...hopefully some fish next time