Family holiday in Femundsmarka

We spent two weeks in July in Engerdal-Femund area, where we wanted to introduce cpt. Lukas (almost two-years old) to camping, canoeing, hiking and cabin life. It went really well and we experienced a lot of wonderful moments. Selection of pictures below. 

First 4 nights we camped in Femund Canoe Camp, situated along Sorka creek. It is a car-free camp with campsites spread in the forest. Reindeer walk often around. 
Actually, reindeer walk everywhere there. There were some mosquitos as well, but nothing serious.
It is easy to paddle from the camp into Femund lake. Here is Sorka's mouth into the lake viewed from our inflatable canoe Palava . Another day we drove to a nearby lake system in Jyltingsmarka and explored lakes Glen and Halvorsjøen - it is an excellent family friendly water system. 
From the third day the weather has started to be rainy, so instead of canoeing we started "hiking". Here is our first destination - a little mountain Kvennvikhøgda (1075 m), hiked from Litvåvollen.
The top offers great views towards Femund lake and in clear weather it must be really wonderful there.
As the weather forecast was not very optimistic for the following days, we moved to a cabin at Valdalen gård. It is very nice deer farm with other animals as well (they even have peacocks there). Their deer burger meat is really good!
There are some nice forests around. In nearby creek Vala it is possible to catch nice trout (I missed really nice one in one of the pools)

As Valdalen gård is very close to Sweden, one day we made a trip to Swedish Fulufjällets national park.
One of its main attraction is this almost 100m tall Njupeskär waterfall. 
We spent the whole day walking around, visited the waterfall and enjoyed an amazing visitor center. I hope to come back for some ice-fishing this winter. 
Back in Norway, the weather was not so nice. This picture is from one of my evening fishing trips, this one to Fjellgutusjøen
There is also this lovely sandy beach on Fjellgutusjøen and we had a great trip there with Lukas. 
Last part of our trip (5 nights) we spent in Elgå, in a cabin in my favorite Båtstø camping, doing simple trips around. One day we took Femund II boat, went to Revling and walked back along the lake.  
A small creek in nearby forest
and an amazing beach near the camp.
One of my evening fishing trips went to Hammarsjøen and further to Storsjøen (here I missed some good trout...)
Another day we did a short hike to Brennhåmmåren mountain (947 m). We crossed this lovely stream 
and after a few hundred meters of steep hill we could enjoy 360 degrees view from the top.
Still on the top. 
Last day we walked along Femund lake towards mouth of Elgåa.
And I made my final evening fishing trip, this time to Volsjøen. It is always interesting to see the lake, that I know only from winter, during summer. 
Evening at Volsjøen. Clear water, storm is coming, I got some promising bites, but no fish on the land. 
This is the list of locations I tried to fish. I was not very successful in getting fish (one big bike, two big perch, a lot of small trout, several bigger trout lost), but it was great.


A quick attack to Hognsjøen. Big mountain trout swim in shallow waters in this small lake near Engerdal. And I saw one over 2 kg, caught by another fisherman (using bombarda dupp flies). I got just a few small fish. It was windy, cold and rainy, my back hurt, but it was great to be outside. 

obligatory stop to buy supplies
On the path to the lake
here we are

Family Sicily

 A few random pics from our trip to Sicily. Thanks to my colleague Vibeke we had a great basecamp at her apartment in Syracuse/Ortigia. 

View from Vibeke's terrace. Once a week this big cruise ship (MSC Divina) lands in the local port, injecting  >4000 tourists into the old town of Ortigia just for a few hours.  
Ortigia promenade was great  for Lukas, as it has lot of space for running around 
Food market on Ortigia. This old man was not happy when I tried to pay accidently by Norwegian money. 
One of several luxury yachts along the promenade
local art
Archimedes lived in the town
The Church of the Madonna of Tears is 90 metres high and it is the tallest building in Syracuse
and here from its inside
 Archimedes himself
Paninoteca sandwiches, very good and cheap local street food
Castello Maniace on Ortigia from inside
and from the sea
One hour round boat trip around Ortigia and nearby caves - very nice evening experience
food was amazing almost everywhere. This is tartare from tuna, strawberries and capari
Town of Noto. It was too hot to be there...
and the beach was much better alternative. Find a clean public beach without sea weed is important task during holiday. This one was the best - Marchesa di Cassibile