On the ice again

Finally, ice-fishing season is back! However, to reach good frozen lakes, some travelling is still needed.
Emilio had great idea to visit Store Gardsjøen near Kvikne. It is located on a windy plateau and it took us an hour to reach it from the cabin (+40 min to reach a cabin + 2 hour drive from Trondheim). It was a bit demanding hike, as it was not possible to use the skies.
As the days are very short (sunset at 14:45), we fished just for 2 hours. The ice was perfect, 25cm steel quality. "Walking" back to the cabin in the dark was fun.
But it was all worthy and we got 3 arctic char. Good start of the season.
Next day, we planned to spend maximum time on the lake. Unfortunatelly, the weather was so bad, that it was not possible to reach it. So we drove to Skarvatnet near Oppdal instead. Not good driving conditions with some wind and snowing, plus we were not sure about the quality of ice. Luckily, ice has been OK (15cm).
We drilled many holes, but got nothing there. But it was great. Cannot wait for longer days.