Around Meråker

After a couple of days at Pstereo music festival, we needed some fresh air and empty space. Angeltjønnhytta, a cabin located at the lake Fjergen near Sweden, seemed to be a nice remote destination, with a lot of possibilities to pick berries, mushrooms and fish a trout. It was more challenging as expected, but perfect. 
Pstereo, nice rock festival in the middle of the city, on the bank of Nidelva river
Lake Feren, starting point of the trip
Lake Feren in the back. Belma already with several kg of mushrooms
getting late, still no lake. But hike is nice and day is long
finally, lake Fjergen. Unfortunatelly, water level is super low due to a hydro power plant down in the valley
cloudberry, an addictive berry. We got more than 2 kg of them. 

Cabin was perfect, without any people. And I did not forget the key, uf.
on the way back, one really hates the marshlands after a while
good bye from a cat and a sheep